Safeco auto insurance

Safeco auto insurance… they’re good but always do the comparison


Founded in 1923, by Hawthorne K Dent, in Seattle, Safeco insurance company, the Selective Auto and Fire insurance company of America, was earlier known as the General Insurance Company of America. The company’s insurance for vehicles is popularly known as the Safeco auto insurance that provides multiple benefits to the insured.


  • One of the benefits so provided by the company is the fact that it provides the liability coverage damages when damages are caused by the client to other person’s life or property.
  • Safeco Auto insurance also has the components of any ordinary comprehensive auto insurance policy, wherein it provides for an indemnity to the car on account of losses and damages caused to it by way of floods, earthquake or any other natural disaster.
  •  Safeco also provides additional auto insurance benefits such as insurance against loss of damage to the car after an accident and also aids in the coverage of the medical and hospital bills when the insured suffers personal injuries from an accident, which can be additionally purchased by the clients.
  •  Reparation, roadside assistance for the car, replacement of the car etc are also looked after by Safeco by way of the Safeco auto insurance policies made between the company and the person seeking insurance.


Safeco believes in giving insurance policies which are clean and comprehensive. Safeco suggests that the car insurance policy for one need not be as complicated as the car. It makes sure of giving out a quality rich coverage to the insured.


Factors like, the driving record, car model, features etc are taken into account to determine the insurance rates and discounts to be given out to an individual. Thus it is an overall and considerate way of insuring a vehicle, for which one may need to get in touch with a Safeco agent or do it himself by obtaining a car insurance quote.


Primarily, it is important to know that Safeco auto insurance is good but there should always be comparisons between the offerings of insurance companies. Comparison of the same can be made by:


  • Consulting managers of repair shops
  • Consulting friends
  • Consulting consumer feedbacks from journals and magazines
  • Analyzing the advertisement efforts taken by the company
  • Consulting websites of insurance brokers


It is always advisable to get rate quotes from various insurance companies at one point of time and compare them with respect to various factors to arrive at the cheapest and best insurance rate applicable for the individual and his car. While comparing it is essential to lay emphasis on the long term benefits of the insurance, the extent of insurance provided and the security, the restrictions and the limits, the coverage and the risks involved in insuring the vehicle.

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