Churchill Gives Piece Of Mind For Pet Owners

Churchill Gives Piece Of Mind For Pet Owners

Getting insurance for our beloved pets is one way of expressing our love for them.

However, choosing the right pet insurance can be daunting given the huge selection of pet insurance available in the market. A pet owner needs to carefully study the background of the insurance company and policies offered before making a final selection. Aspiring pet owners should know that the hobby is not cheap and would require a huge amount of their time.

Money will mostly be spent specially on vet bills and be compounded by unexpected costs such as the use of boarding kennels if the animal is admitted to a hospital or the master cannot attend to his pet while under treatment.

New surveys reveal that 75% of pet owners were forced to make unplanned vet visits in the past two years. Risking a pet’s health to chance is not a very wise thing to do as chances are, your pet will become sick sooner or later.

Pet owners become very surprised when they are charged with a very expensive veterinary bill. Medical costs for a dog with a heart problem can go as high as £1,000 or a cat with a broken arm will set owners back as much as £300.

A pet owner should study the requirements before choosing a particular insurance policy. Many pet health insurance companies provide different policies that emphasize on the pet’s age and type.

Animals categorized as high risk are those over the age of 8 so it is better to purchase to pet insurance while the animal is still young. Getting pet insurance this early on increases chances that your pet will be insured and properly taken care off for the rest of its life. Consider this, pets that have a lingering illness have a very small chance of getting insured.

A number of insurance companies even have special policies for pets whenever they get stolen or lost. Pet owners could claim how much they spent on advertising for a lost pet. In addition, they could recover a portion of their pet’s original price when it cannot be found anymore.


Churchill Insurance was founded in 1989 and is regarded as one of the top direct auto insurers in the UK. Churchill started to Home Insurance in 1990 and expanded its services over years. The company now offers Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Van Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Motorcycle Insurance.<br><br>

Churchill is based in the UK all of its call centres are located in the UK.

Churchill Pet Insurance’s insurance offerings

– Customers that apply for pet insurance online will avail of a 5% discount.

– Veterinary fees reaching as high as £3,000 can be covered. Can be applied to one condition per year from the start of the policy. Complementary treatment can go as high as £1,000

– Pet owners can claim as much as £1,000 for costs to advertise for a lost animal.

– Churchill offer coverage of as high as £500 for pets’ death resulting from an illness or accident.

– Churchill can cover costs for the use of an emergency kennel or cattery fees if the pet owner needs to be admitted to a hospital.

– Monthly payments from Churchill do not include any excess or hidden charges.

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